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  • ARK: Survival Evolved

    Announcing: ARKaeology Event!

    Announcement from Steam: A short while ago we announced a special countdown timer that was featured on the front page of our forums counting down to a reveal, and today is that day. We are very excited to announce we…

  • The Division

    The Division 2 – End Game in...

    One of the big criticisms of The Division 1 was that it did not offer enough end-game content for players. It seems Ubisoft is taking that feedback to heart with The Division 2, as the company announced today at E3…

  • Elite Dangerous

    ED Beyond – Chapter Two Rele...

    Elite Dangerous Chapter 2 will be released June 28, 2018! This is the first of two smaller installments of the Beyond series updates, with a larger update coming in Q4 of this year. Summary of features: New Ship: Challenger The…

  • DayZ

    DayZ is DeaD: 4 yrs in early acces...

    Found a video on Youtube last night and and came across this video below posted by Hugbox. He explains why Dayz is dead and I couldn’t agree more. It’s now been 4 years and I know a few of my…

  • Elite Dangerous

    ED: Beyond Chapter One Beta 1/25/2...

    Greetings commanders,  At Frontier Expo 2017, we revealed the first details of season 3 of Elite Dangerous, called Elite Dangerous: Beyond – you can watch back the announcements here. Throughout 2018 we’re bringing four Beyond updates to Elite Dangerous Commanders which focus on…

  • PUBG

    PUBG hits 3 million concurrent pla...

    And 1.5 Million Cheater Bans! It was inevitable, wasn’t it? PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds keeps blasting through milestones for concurrent players: in September it was 1 million, in October it was double that and now, following its Early Access exit, it’s hit…


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