DayZ is DeaD: 4 yrs in early access.

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author image by ED | 1 Comment | January 21, 2018

Found a video on Youtube last night and and came across this video below posted by Hugbox. He explains why Dayz is dead and I couldn’t agree more. It’s now been 4 years and I know a few of my friends are still waiting for the game to Beta. Beta! 4 years and running and still at the aplha stage. Now they’re working on trying to get it to the console because, well, sales are done. No one else is buying the game and they need money. The Early access system killed this game by giving the money upfront to the developers. Now they have no real reason to finish it, they already got paid! Anyway, check out the video, it’s a good 6 and half minutes about the Dayz life from beginning to end.


  • Fire488 says:

    Just saw this. That video is right on the money and I agree with everything stated 100% DayZ has o e more oportunity though, one more chance. RELEASE THE DAMN GAME FILES AND LET THE COMMUNITY FIX IT!!!
    There is little money in that move initially, but if the game takes off it could inspire more purchases which would create some income. To me, that is the only hope left. Fucking consoles???? No one will EVER play it or purchase it for console. I plan on have an in depth video stream in the near future about this tough subject

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