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    Current Server Status:
    Breeder Haven – See rates and settings in post below.

    PCGN Megaloot – arkservers.net isn’t seeing this one for some reason, but I’ll work on getting a banner up for it.
    This server is Aberration in a much more vanilla state than Breeder Haven. Basically 5x everything and 10x Taming are the rates and only mods are item stacking and s+. You may transfer your character in and everything out, but no dinos or items can be transferred in.

    Tomorrow 9am PST!

    I’ll have a server online as soon as technically possible. It’ll be called something with “BREEDER HAVEN” in the title and feature massively ramped breeding cycles on dinos along with a host of other tweaks.

    More info with a full primer will be posted soon so keep checking back.

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    • This topic was modified 2 years, 3 months ago by  LeBobo.


    PC release has been delayed some 2-3 hours……

    This server will be aimed at providing rapid progression into late game while increasing overall challenge. Level into high tier building materials and hunt for those high level dinos then breed a perfect army in a day. Then declare war and bring your army. Rinse and repeat tomorrow.

    Breeders, PVEers, and PVPers all can find a home here and enjoy the aspects of Ark they love the most in a new balance. We’ve aimed to make the player the ultimate end-game power while making the environment challenge adequately balanced to match.

    PVP enabled
    Corpse Locator enabled
    No Building at High Resources enabled
    Tribute Uploads and Downloads enabled
    Prevent Offline PVP enabled
    Custom Recipes enabled
    Crosshair enabled
    Map Location enabled
    Hit Markers enabled
    Floating Damage text enabled
    3rd Person enabled
    Gamma enabled

    Crate and Fishing loot quality increased
    Max Wild Dino Level increased to 320
    Custom Recipe effectiveness greatly increased
    Oxygen points increases swim speed
    Player Capabilities slightly increased overall
    Dino Weight increased per point leveled into it
    Night passes more quickly
    Crop Growth Speed greatly increased
    Eggs lay more frequently
    Increased Player max level
    Increased Tamed Dino max extra levels

    Mating Interval – time between mating of females greatly reduced
    Egg Hatch Speed greatly increased
    Mature Speed greatly increased
    Imprinting enabled and can be done by anyone in tribe
    Imprint boosts are default values
    Imprinting times have been adjusted to match mature speed and allow 100% imprint or near on all dinos

    Fully mated and hatched Rock Drake with full imprint at adult is roughly ~20 minutes

    Taming 15x
    Harvest 4x
    Crafting XP 8x
    Harvest XP 8x
    Combat XP 12x

    Aaaaaaand lots of various other minor quality of life tweaks done through the config.

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    • This reply was modified 2 years, 3 months ago by  LeBobo.


    I’ll be on to check it out. 🙂



    Welp – after 9 hours of Steam trying to update my copy of Ark I just uninstalled it. This game and how it updates is so utterly completely ridiculous.

    Then I fresh installed and it was all done in like 1 hour. What a joke.

    Anyway, my entire day off work yesterday was wasted. So I’ll be on tonight trying to get the server switched over to Aberration properly. In the meantime you can find my private test server online under the name “EPIC PVP” on Aberration. If you join this it’ll just be to check things out. Nothing here will carry over to the live server once it’s up and running. This server has the settings configured as advertised above.




    Server Banner

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    Server Banner

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    PS. Everything is LIVE on the server as of last night. The server banner code above doesn’t seem to be working, but will still take you to the public listing of the server. Otherwise click here: https://clanforge.multiplay.co.uk/servers/2822217/view



    Rob could we get a group of us together to discuss the rates?



    We can discuss a tweak of the settings for sure. It’s hard to test settings for groups when you only have yourself to do testing. These are the same rates I tried getting everyone to test with me last time we all did The Island over the summer and ***crickets***. But now it’s up and running on Aberration and everyone wants to discuss and change it? Sure let’s do it… /end rant lol

    A few things before we get started though….

    1. This is designed from the ground up to be a fast progression server coupled by increased challenge. Taming a lvl 80 scorpion with 1 spoiled meat is NOT “easy”. It’s fast. Now, if you could take that lvl 80 scorpion and then go level the entire server and everything everyone was doing and clear the entire map of content? That would be easy.
    2. The title of the server is “BREEDER HAVEN” and the settings reflect the fact the server is a place to tame and breed dinos, quickly.
    3. The experience I’m going for here reflects quality of life improvements from the perspective of players who play on the server for months on end. The experience here is not meant for players who play for 1 week, “beat” everyone else, and then move on to something else.
    4. This server is also designed so it doesn’t take us 3 months REDOING all the same stuff we’ve all done a thousand times before in Ark. Get up and running quickly then go explore the new map and all the new content. The new map and new content is really what we’re after so progressing quickly through everything else we’ve already done in Ark is really refreshing and how I want to spend my time in it.

    Ok all that being said…

    What rates and settings would you like to discuss?

    Taming: 20x – this may be a bit TOO fast. we can drop this down a bit. But I don’t want to spend 2 hours taming a Doedicurus when I need that for stone, when in 2 hours of mining with a hatchet I’ll get way more stone than he’ll get me. Keep in mind this is all meant to be in balance with the rest of the settings and the bigger picture experience the settings produce. What if we start by changing to 15x and giving that a try? Then we can adjust accordingly from there…

    What else?

    Also, this specific server is not PCGN branded and it is owned an operated by me as an individual. PCGN are all my friends and are of course welcome to join and enjoy the Ark experience with me here. But this has been done specifically and deliberately. Do you go to McDonalds and order chicken nuggets and then not like chicken nuggets so you ask McDonalds to make them into turkey nuggets instead just to accommodate you? Maybe this is a bit of a stretch, and I mean no offense to PCGN, but I had very specific plans and goals for this server and I’ve been building and testing it’s config for about 8 months now…. sooooo at the very least I ask you to accept this for what it is and give it a try. If a week or 2 down the road things need tweaking then it will be done. I’m not trying to run everyone off, but I am trying to keep settings and rates in the spirit of what’s been planned for this server.

    PS. Multiplay is terrible as a server host and I will not be renewing it when it’s up in like 10/11 days. Instead I’m going to move it to a VPS from NFO. This will do several positive things for us:
    1. let me manage the server directly and be able to see exactly what it’s doing at any given time
    2. manage backups and saves properly (right now when it crashes or when I restart it we get reverted back to the last auto save which happens ever 30 mins)
    3. host multiple servers on different maps and enable a cluster for transferring between only our servers
    4. test and use different settings/configs/rates/mods in tandem with the breeder haven aberration server
    5. give pcgn admins access to administrate the server(s)

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    Server has been moved to NFO now. Multiplay server is still online with the name changed.

    I’ll post a link to the new one after work in case anybody has trouble finding it.

    PS. Taming rate is now at 15x on the new NFO server.



    New server IP:

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    For those of you looking for a more vanilla experience on Aberration (like Oaksy) – PCGN Megaloot server is now up.

    5x rates except 10x taming
    Item Stacking
    Increased Engram points

    PS. Upvote please! https://www.reddit.com/r/playarkservers/comments/7lhta2/1214_breeder_haven_rebalanced/

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    • This reply was modified 2 years, 3 months ago by  LeBobo.
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