Adjusting the Loot Tables

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    Loot tables for lootable containers. (Not sure how tailored these can be)

    – Only means to gather Scrap
    – 25 Scrap instead of 250 in any one container
    – Limit to four active loot slots
    – No Blue Prints

    Green Food Box
    – Only three slots
    – Water out
    – Cans of Beans out

    Wood Crates
    – Already assembled items
    – Overhead light

    Tool Box
    – Metal Hammer
    – Metal Axe
    – Metal Pick
    – Melee Weapons; except scavenged clever
    – Main source of Blue Prints
    – Baseball cap

    Supply drop crate
    – Handmade shotgun ammo
    – Buckshot ammo
    – Pistol ammo
    – Rifle ammo
    – Handmade sight
    – Flame turret
    – Cans of Beans

    Green Military Box
    – Satchel Charge
    – Bean can grenades
    – Gun powder
    – Double barrel shotgun
    – Armor plate clothing
    – Hazmat suits
    – Radiation pills

    Elite Crate (Primarily found with the NPC Helicopter and APC)
    – All high velocity, incendiary, and explosive ammo
    – Auto turret
    – Laser aiming device
    – 4x scope
    – Holo sight
    – Bolt Action Rifle
    – Rockets (no launcher)
    – 3 Supply drop grenades
    – Military grenade

    The last item when harvesting a hunted bear could be the ‘Bear Rug.’ Bear rug blue print removed.

    Do the water sites have any lootable containers?

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