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    If you are getting client crashes when running Ark lately try adding the following to your launch parameters in steam for Ark.

    -norhithread -nomansky -lowmem -novsync



    Low Memory and no vsync? It’s not my rig is slow.. or is it? hmmm.



    I know, right? I don’t follow the logic in this, but I have seen this posted and results of it fixing random crashes in Aberration.

    It’s more likely related to the other 2 settings affecting gpu and cpu rendering.

    More specifically on our current server we are using some mods which may contribute as well. I don’t personally have the crashes you and a few others reported while loading in, but I’m listening!

    Structures +, Reusable +, Reusable + SE are ones we’re using that have all had crash reports posted in regards to use with Aberration. Structures + I’m going to ignore for now, but the other 2 will be removed in addition to the Kibble Matrix mod. Grappling hooks don’t work on the map anyway and SE items aren’t available either. We’ll lose reusable spears for newbies, but meh. Kibble Matrix was a test on Ragnarok and wasn’t removed when replaced so let’s just do that.

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