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      Cup of Brew Gaming

    We are a diverse gaming community with the goal of coming together and playing games in a casual environment. We work off a division based gaming model. When you join us, you can join a specific game division and participate in events and training for that division. Although you pick a specific division for your game of interest, you are still encouraged to play other games within the community.

    Typically, we will have game nights on Saturday nights where we come together and play games within our respective divisions. Once a member, you will have access to the calendar where you can check out some of the upcoming events and join the fun!

    What we offer:

    Community website
    Community Discord
    Weekly events
    Game nights
    Upon signing up on the website, you will gain access to our Discord server.

    So sit back, grab a cup of brew, and get gaming.

    You can submit and application here:

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