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    Welcome to the Coalition, we are gamers that have met through rainbow six siege and stayed in contact for many years, we like playing games together such as survival and shooters, most of us are competitive but like having good banta (laugh/jokes). We range from 18-40 years of age, from all different backgrounds but with one thing in common, wanting a gaming community to make long term friends. You don’t have to join us to play one particular game but any game, we can cater for you, make additional rooms in ts, let you recruit and help promote your cause, feel free to bring your friends and have fun with us.

    We do not require you to be on the website every day, to attend mandatory events, you have the option to use/wear our clan tags or clan pictures but there are no strict rules that make you feel like your back at school, just respect eachother, work as a team and hopefully want to win.

    However, with all this said for each game we recruit for we have some basic relaxed requirements we hope from you, if you don’t meet these and still want to apply its ok, dont panic but just let us know what requirements you don’t meet and why.


    • Must use Team Speak (have discipline, be respectful and understand battle comms), sorry atm we do use TeamSpeak as we just prefer it over discord however this might change in the near future
    • 18+ (maturity is important to us)
    • EU but if you want to form a team out of EU feel free to join
    • a KD near 1.0 or above
    • Speak ENGLISH and communicate

    PLEASE REMEMBER if you join us you may be representing our community, so be mature, have a certain amount of discipline, no TRASH talking during or after match, no racism, sexiest abuse or insults to people in game or online.

    If you think this a community that suits you, then don’t think any further and APPLY via this page:

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