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    Hello, my name is Rattle & I am the Chief Executive Officer for one of the oldest surviving Arma communities known to date. We started in 2013, back when Arma 2 Cherno life was around. Somehow everyone stuck together all this time. We’re a dedicated and established gaming community, wanting to create the best community experience for our members and players. Currently, we have multiple projects in the works including a Milsim in Arma III. Also, we have a FiveM GTA server under development. Here at DGS, we grow in a unique way, we give/provide people with an opportunity to run their own project. The reason for this is that we want to bring Gamer’s together by building a solid base of gaming under one branding. Some people don’t have the time, technical knowledge, or financing, to run the back end of a community, but under our leadership, we’re with them every step of the way.

    Become a Project Manager!

    Our Project Managers are what makes our community unique. We host all the servers & they hire their own staff, developers, build their own communication platforms(Discord, Teamspeak), etc. They get the feeling of running a community, on a smaller scale.

    Any questions can be emailed to the address at the bottom.



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