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    Hi, my name is Daniel and I am one of the Leaders of the “EMP Gaming Community”. Today I want to introduce our Community to you!
    “EMP Gaming” is a non-toxic, gamer-friendly community, which offers casual and competitive gaming. Currently, our strongest Team is playing in Rainbow Six Siege.

    We accept people no matter where you are from or what rank you have in-game! Our community members already are from many different countries from all over Europe.
    We want to create a place, where Gamers can go to escape the struggles of life.

    AND if you are very good in a specific game and want to go E-Sports, you can easily reach out to the Owners (Leaders) and we will manage everything so that you can start playing!

    If I caught your interest, you can contact me via Discord personally: KingDanoso#8175
    Or you can instantly visit our Discord Server and ask us questions in the #support text channel
    EMP-Gaming Discord Server

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