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    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to G!X or welcome back. We have been one of the oldest running clans out there and we are still kicking. Always welcoming home our former players/members and recruiting the new ones.

    The clan went inactive for a while but we have decided to resurface again!

    We have 1 server at the moment and are planning on putting up more


    Come and Join us!!

    I will update this post as more servers pops up with info.

    Best Regards,



    We are a bunch of gamers that Enjoys to play and chat alot together while gaming. This is an old Wolfenstein Enemy Territory clan wich has started up again.

    We are looking for gamers that wants to play and be in a social clan. Our clan does not have the main goal to become the biggest and best Clan in Wolfenstein ET, but our goal is to become a social and pleasant clan, Quality is better than quantity.

    At this moment, We have 1 server in the US and 2 in EU.

    We hope that you will try out playing with us and possibly enjoy it enough to join our clan and have a good time.

    Quick server info:


    G!X Blue (US): (IP: )

    Is a N!tmod frag server with objective maps, The gameplay is based on killing your enemies and sucessfully doing the objective, wich can be to plant a TnT somewhere, capture something or prevent people from doing so.

    G!X Orange (EU): (IP:

    this is a jaymod headshot server, unlike G!X Blue, This server is just for fragging, So kill as many as you can and show who is the boss. headhots will instakill in this mod.

    G!X Pink (EU): (IP:

    This server only uses snipers in gameplay, it focuses on most kills and higher killingsprees, This mod usually is the most social ones due to that easier to have the time to chat in this more chill gameplay style.

    Our website http://www.gixclan.com Will open up at a later date, as it is currently under maintenance. you can also find us on facebook @gixclan

    If your interested, Wolfenstien Enemy Territory can be downloaded at:



    I recommend ET Legacy, it is an updated client that has many issues resolved from standard client. But it has some issues itself, most can be solved by running it as administrator. If you have any issues, you can reply here and I will do what I can to help.


    Edwardleo Crawfoot

    I used to be part of G!X back when it first Started. Found Liquid Core aka Redwolf Aka Xantcha . Used to be an owner as wellif this is still live please get in contact 😀


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