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    Hi there fellow gamers and lovers of anime we are The Legendary Community. I’m JP, one of the founders of The Legendary Community and we’ve been around a number of years now. We are looking for new members of all ages to join us for random banter, gaming and just belong to a fun loving group of friends online. We are looking for mature ladies and gentlemen to join in with our online antics and know you will find some more friends with us.

    We change up our games every now and then but the “mostly constant” played games are League of Legends, Rocket League, OSU!, Sea of Thieves, Starbound, The Elder Scrolls Online, just to name a few and like I said random game change ups pretty much all year round depending on demand and ownership. Come on in and join us

    We also have a good number of anime lovers who chat, give recommendations, and post their best parts and silly stuff about their favourite anime. We know games and anime go hand in hand with quite a lot of people around the world so we hope to hear about your favourite soon in chat

    If this sort of place sounds good to you then please come on over and become a genuine legend of our community. We cannot wait to meet you!



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