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    The Libertas Legion is formally inviting you to join in our autistic crusade across the gaming world! Exclusive to the PC, the LSLN is an international gaming community investing in 4 years of fun and freedom in gaming. Comprised of players from all over the world, with a sports team mentality and strong dark humor to boot. The Libertas Legion makes for a great alternative to those looking for a tightly knitted community and willing to make an effort to find their place among us, we have no bias, as long as you’re someone who can take what you give that’s your golden ticket. We have no admins/mods or extreme gaming or life limiting rules, just a cuntstitution and a adult player base that understands gaming is for fun and entertainment and it is so much better with a team that you can slaughter entire villages with whilst laughing and skipping joyfully along the way!

    – 18+
    – Be able to take jokes & freedom of speech
    – Have access to Discord and a microphone
    – Steam Account

    – Q Can I join just to play one game?
    – A Yes. But we encourage multigaming for the best experience.
    – Q I’ve been to similar clans, so what makes you guys different?
    – A Our community is made up of a variety of gamers and operate under our ‘cuntstitution’ which is how we can maintain freedom with no one guy or mods/admins taking charge of everything. Players are encouraged to hop on and kick start their own activities/sessions or join into those already ongoing outside of official community events.
    – Q Do i need to be a skilled gamer to join?
    – A No. We are all equally worthless.
    – Q Is the LSLN a gender specific community?
    – A No. We have both male, female, and Apache members.

    For more info or to join, come check us out at:
    [Click me!]

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