New 1.8 Patch

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    I hope this patch revives this game for me. Been looking forward to it now for a while. 🙂 Watch me stream and see my excellent gaming skills on Twitch! Channel PCGNTV



    Yea dem skillz are worth watching for



    I had high hopes for this patch. Was looking forward to getting back in The Division.

    Yes, the patch brought new modes to the game and more areas to discover, but the grind seems to be worse. I don’t know what it is about games that make you grind to progress. You have to have the right balance of grind in a game. Too much will discourage players from playing and too little will max out characters and you get bored as progression is over.

    What this game needs is a DayZ style mode. The map is detailed and beautiful, a lot of buildings are enterable and could be fortified. The loot system is already in place, Safe Houses would be a great addition to DayZ. Give us Dedicated server files, so we can hold our own instance. They would make millions if they just give us what we want!!!

    Other than that, I think I’m done playing this one 🙁

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