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    Hello All our fellow DAYZ die hard fans. PCGN is back in with Dayz SA.


    We are a gaming community and have been around since 1998. In that time we have ran many successful severs from Arma 2 Dayz(MOD), Dayz Epoch(MOD), Day Origins(MOD), Arma 3 Exile (MOS), BF servers and many more. Admins are here to help and not to abuse, but keep in mind we also like to play the game as well. We also believe in having the very best experience on our server that is why all our server are dedicated servers and not them cheap split of server “others” rent. Our servers uses SSD Drives and the latest technology to provide the best performance. For more info join our discord at

    We also encourage Clans and large groups on our server since we have a sizable group. One Rule: No bambi killing..

    Any questions, please reach out



    It seems that there is an issue with stability of the server. At this time we have reduced the number of slots, to help performance. We are still looking into the crash



    Can’t log in to 28 Days server anymore. It tells me I’m missing airdrop mod but I’m not.



    Nevermind. It works again.

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