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    NME Gaming Community


    Welcome to NME Gaming Communities website, we are a proud gaming community that acts like a communityand NOT A CLAN! we play a vast range of games ranging from ARK, Battlefield4, CSGO, Factorio, League Of Legends + many more. NME was firstly founded by TormentedPhantasm who will always be missed but through the ashes the new NME will rise higher than before and become what it once was. We are not only people who play games together we are a community and we strife to help one another out


    No racism
    Do not attack people personally keep it ingame
    No open mics on T (Unless bot or in studio channel)
    Streaming is openly allowed
    Only members can read forums
    Recruitment is on a invitation basis only
    Teamspeak is NOT mandatory but essential if you wish to play well with us
    Do not jump into “Active” live stream channels uninvited
    You have to be 16+ to join


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