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    – =SWF= Spartan War Fighters has four members fighting in Rust on a regular basis.
    – There is a potential of more than double the four if we can keep the PCGN Rust server operational.
    – Two =SWF= directly contributed real-money to support the PCGN Rust server and another separate individual contributed to our clan in support of the PCGN Rust server.
    – There were over 70 players on the PCGN Rust server before the server had a series of long-term outages.
    – =SWF=Tazmafied and =SWF=Lambourne have expressed interest to me of becoming admins on the PCGN Rust server.
    – =SWF= members are looking for a Rust server to call home and we would prefer the server be a well-administered PCGN server.

    Thank you for many years of phenomenal server administration. The =SWF= clan greatly appreciates the outstanding relationship with PCGN. We look forward to assisting in getting the PCGN Rust server fully operational.

    Proud clan leader of the Spartan War Fighters clan



    Hello Scriv,
    Thank you for the post. I believe I gave Taz the login information to the rust server. If you need/ know someone else who wants access, let me know.

    I currently don’t have time to babysit the server with a game that randomly updates( I have my own child that I need to watch instead of a game). That was the problem I experienced in the alpha phase of Rust, and with the beta phase they said updates will happen only once a month (in the begin of the month). Well I have found that this is not true as they release minor updates whenever and the server goes down. I have tried to place a script on the server that will go out and get the latest release of rust, which works and happens at 12 am and pm est. But now we are using oxide as well and currently I do not have an answer on automating a job to look for the latest release of oxide and to download,unzip,and place that update in a directory where I place the current release that copies over after reboot. I have placed a forum post on oxide to see if I could get something that can do that for me (https://oxidemod.org/threads/setup-script-to-automatically-download-and-unzip-the-latest-rust-oxide-release.30138/).

    Honestly the server is really in maintenance mode, as long as someone who actively watches for Rust updates and Oxidemod updates and deploys them on the server it will be fine.

    There are two options left at this point.
    1. Find someone who actively plays and/or watch for updates to deploy on server.
    2. Please let me know your paypal accounts and i’ll refund ya (please PM me, so random people dont start spamming your paypals)

    With the access you guys can modify the rust server how ever you want and remove and add mods as you see fit. It’s totally up to whomever wants to modify it at this time.



    =SWF=Tazmafied and =SWF=Lambourne have expressed interest to me of becoming admins on the PCGN Rust server.

    Most of the Rust updates appear to be released on each Thursday.

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