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    Looking for a Arma 3 Lakeside Valley Roleplay Community?? Well you’ve come to the right place! RGC Lakeside Valley Roleplay Communtiy is a brand new Lakeside Valley Roleplay server / community opening in January! We have Police, Sheriff, EMS, Fire and other jobs in our server currently!
    We are offering $100,000 in game cash to users who join our Teamspeak and forums regularly prior to our launch! Join our Teamspeak and start interacting in the community prior to our official server launch!
    We are looking for Staff Members as well as members that can regularly interact in our community prior to the official launch to populate the server and have some fun!
    Teamspeak Server IP: Ts.rgclife.com
    Website / Forums: https://www.RadicalGamingCommunity.com



    I’ve always wondered how you handle the players that just want to ruin gaming experiences. Do you just rely on the honor system or is there some admin software to keep players honest?

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