Rust Server Kit Recommendations

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    – Like as is with the Rock and Torch


    Starter (One-time)
    – Large chest
    – Small box
    – Mallot (hammer)
    – Blue print for building
    – Shorts
    – Wood spear
    – Note welcoming the survivor to the server

    Day 2 (One-time)
    – Bota bag for water
    – Two bandages
    – Stone axe
    – Stone pick
    – Bow
    – Four arrows
    – Can of tuna
    – Sheet metal door
    – Electronic lock for door

    Day 7 (every seven days)
    – Smoke grenade to call in supply drop
    – Comfort bear
    – Stone fireplace
    – Rug
    – One shelf unit
    – Boots
    – Gloves
    – Mail box
    – Small sign
    – Pistol with 3 rounds
    – Waterpipe shotgun with 3 rounds
    – Wood chest armor



    Alternate recommendation for a Starter (One-time) kit:
    – Mallot (hammer)
    – Blue print for building
    – Shorts
    – Note welcoming the survivor to the server

    – 4,000 wood
    – 4,000 stone
    – 200 cloth (hemp)
    – 200 metal fragments
    – 50 Low grade fuel
    – 50 Scrap

    One of the things I really like about another organizations Rust Server, “Rusty Pub”, is the significance of the smoke grenades included in their starter kits that call-in the supply drops. I think the mass supply drops every 2 hours on the PCGN Rust server is too frequent. I think once 30 minutes after the every-six-hour server restart would be good. The crates should have more than wooden armor, but not be overpowered with too much great loot. I believe ammo, canned food, and maybe some medical supplies would be a good start. As for random versus called-in (player initiated) supply drops, the player has to decide if they want most of the folks on the server to know where they are and how many smoke grenades to throw. Can you carry all the loot? Can you keep it secure from wondering bandits?

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