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    Currently, the Rust Server is titled PCGN & “SFW”

    I believe that was supposed to be our the Spartan War Fighters embedded in the title. Great honor. Thanks. If that is the case could you change “sfw” to =SWF= ?


    Right now the top donors are =SWF=sfscriv & =SWF=Iwazzio. Could you change the top donors to “=SWF= Spartan War Fighters clan =SWF=sfscriv & =SWF=Iwazzio” ?

    Thanks again



    I sure wish had the ability to edit my post after it is published



    Hey Scriv,
    Still trying to tweak these forums and understand them a little better. I’ve changed the edit post from 5 minutes to 1 hour. So, you should be able to revise your post up to an hour after submitting.

    I hope this helps!



    Here is the current server name

    SWF-Fresh Server|5X|RP|Quests|Active Admins|Mega Loot|

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