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    I am one of the Recruitment Leaders of Salvation Gaming Community and we would love to see if you would be interested in joining us!

    We have set up a new casual gaming community that will eventually have a competitive side and we are looking for members to join and possibly reach leadership roles.

    Our Aims – To provide a laid back environment and bring people together to have fun. So there will always be someone you can talk to and/or game with.

    We have both NA and EU members so don’t worry about timezones!

    We are growing bigger and we are always looking for ways to expand by inviting all of you in a bigger family. Our focus is growth at this point in time and we are trying to rise up to being competitive. All of you who wish to join can ascend in your ranks and can also create their own teams in the games that we support; or even bring your own game to us and your own friends. All we wish is to offer you a place to call home.

    Competitive Teams

    We are running a PC and XBOX 1 Rainbow Six Siege Competitive team, however we are looking to expand and add more competitive squads and if you join you could have a chance to suggest and possibly run your own competitive squad.

    How to contact us?

    By adding one of the recruitment team members on discord they can provide you with instructions on how to join, this includes signing up to the website and joining our discord.

    Our Recruitment Team

    To be able to join our clan you need to contact one of our recruitment team members. You can message the head of recruitment to join any sector.

    Recruitment Team Members

    Fujiityve – Discord – Fujiityve#9888

    Skyler – Xbox – Skyler James 10 – Discord – Skyler#8005

    Chaos – Discord – Gary#1032

    Lyrium – Discord – Lyrium Addict#3507

    Shardfire – Discord – Shardfire#1655

    SeanBarrett – Discord – seanbarrett1888#8523

    LoneRanger – Xbox – Pushingdwarf158 – Discord – SGC Lone_Ranger#9428

    Yours faithfully,

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    • This topic was modified 9 months, 1 week ago by  Gary.
    • This topic was modified 9 months, 1 week ago by  Gary.
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