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    Our current Discord/Clan name is Traps.GG/T.GG because We just had no idea (Every of members sucks at making names really).So were willing to change it if you give us better idea. Why Do I say we? I’ll be really grateful for that. c:

    Hello I’m Shymshym or quiclky Shym host of our Clan/Discord server.Were really small there are right now 22 users (from which about 5-6 active).
    Right now were trying to create a casual CS:GO team, but were also playing other games like League of Legends, osu!, Terraria, Rocket League, a lot more and we might get into playing other too! We have no age block(?) let’s say. We’re all kids/students so don’t expect anything proffesional from us. We’re just here to have fun!

    Our discord server: Discord Link
    We also have really basic forum (that we just “created” from ready file): T.GG Forum

    ps. (I probably made so many mistakes in this message no bully plez c:)


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