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    Phoenix Gaming Community.
    The Phoenix Gaming Community

    The Rules

    1.You need to be at least 16 or 18 years old.
    2.You need to be an active.
    3.You need to be mature and respect everyone.
    4.You need to have a sound understanding of game mechanics.
    5.You need to have an audible microphone and Discord.
    6.You need to be willing to get along with other members of the community.
    7.You are allowed to recommend players or friends.
    8.You must follow instructions when giving by staff immediately.
    9.Keep Swearing to a minimum and DON’T BE RACIST.
    10.Members must raise any issues or complaints through their staff members.
    11.Work as a team when playing a rust or other games in the community.

    What is Phoenix Community about?

    Well the Phoenix community is a new community that has been made for people that are in search of players that can find other players to play with and meet new people in the long run also to make friends over time.

    What types of Games does the community will mainly play?

    The community will be open to any game that the players want to add in but the main game that the community want to focus on is Rust to build a small or huge clan for rust and other games.

    Do you need staff members?

    Yes since the community is newly founded and needs some management and applications for the link is below.


    Here are the Discord and Application Form.

    There is a discord server ready to have people in and starting playing games on there here is the link to the server.

    Discord link.


    Application form for recruitment.


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