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    There was a time in Spartan lore when two mighty Titans clashed. As the story goes, a Warrior, who went by Tazimafied, found an unexplored land with unknown inhabitants. As survivors, we pushed north along the northeast shoreline and unveiled a large base whose owners… The indomitable Spartans had unearthed their archenemy – PCGN. Many battles were fought with and against that villainous gang.

    Time ticked forward with peace settling across the land. The Spartan War Fighters eventually shifted their focus to a similar far away land called Rust. Much progress has been made with a well established foothold. As current tales would have it, those we have fought before have also sought to conquer this new land. Yes, PCGN is establishing a settlement on our newly colonized land. They did not intentionally made their presence known. Not two days ago, a message of one of their leaders was detected in local chatter. Fire488 has appeared and he is not alone. Ace, CoCo, Bobo and likely more. Not only is PCGN active in Rust-land, but their first casualty at the hands of Spartans was Ballsinacan who was gunned down venturing where he should not be.

    There is more… There is action to be had. And yes, there is resource gathering and base building with automated defenses. Let me now speak of our merry band. Taz, Iwazzio, Lambourne, Phoenix, and Viper have all joined in the fun. I even have my son, Dark7Slayer, assisting. That’s right, another warrior has heard the war drums and answered the call.

    Did I mention action. Taz got first-hand knowledge of the mighty NPC-operated roving attack helicopter. Iwazzio and Phoenix were terminated by automated base defenses. Viper fought hard in a rolling gun fight near one of the monuments. And when Lambourne entered Rust-land, he soon witnessed a charging bear.

    “unexplored land” – PCGN DayZ mod server
    “northeast shoreline” – Chernarus map north of Berizino

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